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5. Anthony, G. (1982, September/ October). Tricks but no Treats. Marquee, 5, (7) 4-6. Note: Luciano Pavarotti cover!

6. Uncredited. (1983). [Review of the film "Halloween III Season of the Witch"]. Film Review, 7, (33), 28. Note: This limey rag is way ahead of the curve with its "spot-on" review of The Best Film Ever. Still, it seems the reviewer wasn't gonna take the heat for it or anything. Brave pioneers are rarely appreciated in their own time. Probably for the best, as those hyperventilating Myers fans can get pretty annoying.

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8. Holliss, R. (1983, July). Nigel Kneale on Halloween III. Starburst, 11, (4) 30-33. Note: Probably the best two articles out there concerning HIII. Kneale explains his original intentions for the script and why he eventually demanded his name be removed. Wallace tries to explain why it is the way it is.

9.Uncredited. (1983, March). Halloween III. It's the Season to be Jelly! Famous Monsters presents Film Fantasy Yearbook 1983. 21-25. Note: Lightweight stuff intended for kids. Still, gotta love that title.

10. Berg. (1982). [Review of the film "Halloween III Season of the Witch"]. Variety Magazine10/27/82. Note: Variety loved it! Oh no, wait. That was Yes Giorgio.Never mind.

11. Collum, J.P. (2002, May). Interview with Stacey Nelkin. Femme Fatales, 5/6, (11) 85-87. Note: A nice interview with Ms. Nelkin, and thankfully the writer refrained from mentioning Going Ape in which Ms. Nelkin costarred with a cast of orangutans, including Tony Danza.

12. Austen, J. (2001, Spring). 2001- A Robot Rock Odyssey. Roctober, 30, 15. Note: Much as we can appreciate the sentiments, this particular entry is a plain misstep for this usually painstakingly researched 'zine. The point of this "delightfully quirky" feature was to catalogue a sort of "top 201" rock 'n roll robot references in the typically nerdish/ obsessive fashion that is Roctober's hallmark. But when it comes to The Best Film Ever they just miss the mark. Aside from the blatant error in naming HIII's villain as "The evil Dr. Challis," (he's good bad, but he ain't evil), Roctober's biggest mistake is including HIII at all. Yes, a soundtrack with titles like "Robots at the Factory" is provocative and tempting. But the fact is that Halloween III Season of the Witch has (mercifully) nothing to do with Rock and Roll whatsoever! In fact, HIII is refreshingly devoid of ANY Rock and/or Roll- incidental or otherwise- and it's the only film in the series to be so. Even the first Halloween film featured a snippet of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper." Maybe we should lighten up, but we feel obliged to point these things out.

13. Martin, Jack. Halloween III Season of the Witch. New York: Jove Books, 1982. Note: Chris Sebela is fond of saying that someday he wants to write the Great American Novelization. Too bad it's already been written, Chris. Read the Jove book as Jack Martin attempts to intimate in ham-fisted prose the rich, private inner- life of Dr. Daniel Challis. Considering (or perhaps because of) the fact that Martin has all the written ability of a gifted 4th grader, it's some pretty "intense" stuff. Read on and on as Challis agonizes over his purchases at a convenience store from pages 16-28. Not that it wouldn't have made a great scene in the film- it would have. Challis' dream sequence in chapter 5 establishes the benchmark for all modern horror literature.

14. Random reference to Halloween III Season of the Witch. Chicago Sun-Times. 2/11/00.

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16. Wallace, T.- 4/4/82 Complete Revised Script Halloween III Season of the Witch

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